Hchs Tiger Soccer

On Friday, February 10, 2017, Harris County had a soccer game at Chapel Hill. The players were mixed in thoughts on how they performed. We ended up winning the game against Chapel Hill so overall our soccer team played well. I interviewed six of the players, both boys and girls. I asked four different questions trying to gather as much information as possible.
img_41331I asked, “How do you feel your team did at the game Friday? Explain.” DeShunti Willis, along with Brady Wakenigg and Michael Blanchard, said, “I feel as though we played our best.” While Kayla Miller, Shir-li Oved and Haley Bowen all said, “I don’t
think we did as good as we could have.”

img_41341Another question I asked was, “Do you feel you did your best? Why or why not?” Some of the responses I got were, “No because we were goofing around and did not take the other team seriously so that gave them the advantage during the game.” Haley Bowen said. Shir-li said,” I don’t think we played to our full potential and we could’ve done better as a whole.” 

Brady Wakenigg said, “I play stopper and I try and distributed the ball around evenly”, when I asked, “What position do you play and why?” Then when I asked, “What’s your strategy for the team this year?” a lot of the responses I got were that they wanted a strategy that involved improving their defense.

Congratulations to the boys and girls on the soccer team. Both teams performed well and brought home a win. Our next soccer game is, February 18, 2017 at Harris County High. Come out to support our tigers.


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