The Social Media Killer

Is social media actually making us less social? I would have to say yes, yes it is. . The courage some people gain behind a keyboard is comparable to David having to face Goliath. Social media IS NOT a supernatural power from above on your side like David had… This is not good for our future society and is only bound to cause problems with relationships with friends, family, and maybe even you and your significant other.

socialmedia11I have a lot of different problems with social media today. Guys will tend to talk a lot “bigger” behind their keyboard then their 5’8” 145 lbs stature, but when the time comes to back these comments up in real life, usually their true stature starts to show. Unfortunately, girls will do the same thing. Honestly, I would go as far to say that girls on social media are worse. Girls will tend to bully another girl on appearance while using social media, a lot more often then they will in person. For some reason the keyboard tends to add some “size” to people.

The main problem I have with social media is how it is killing “real life” interactions. People, especially the younger generations, will talk to each other ONLY over social media. Then when they see each other in person, the ability to speak with them becomes a lot more difficult than having time to think behind a computer. Social media is the sole killer behind the lack
and future lack of social skills. Sure, it is very easy to sound well spoken over the internet, but when you are over the internet you have time to think about what to say and make it proper. Then comes the moment where you have to speak in person, and you need to sound intelligent and well spoken. You don’t have that time anymore to think it all out. You just have to speak. Social media and talking over the internet has ruined the modern day person to be able to develop an idea with intelligence on the spot.


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