I Shoot People

Claudia Kinser – Sophomore – February 15, 2017

I shoot people all the time. But before you go accusing me of crime, let me just say you do too. Just pull out your phone and shoot, a picture, I mean. It’s all too easy to take pictures. But is it so easy that we take it for granted? The rise of taking photos has increased to the point where every two minutes, we take more pictures than all humans alive took in the 1800’s. In fact, MYLIO predicts that more than 1.2 trillion photos will be taken in 2017. This is due to the increase of cameras. Since the invention of photography in 1826, the ease of taking pictures has only increased. Today, over ninety-one percent of people have a camera phone in their pocket.

Image result for photography

High schoolers are not any exception to these staggering statistics. Seth Flores, a junior here at Harris County High School, takes over 60 photos daily. When asked why, he stated “It’s just memories. If you don’t take pictures of where you’re at or what you’re doing, then you’re not gonna be able to look back and be like ‘Oh, I was there,’ or ‘I did that.’ So you just have to take some [pictures] to keep memories.”


Jori Kent, also a junior at Harris County High, works for the Springer Opera House, “document[ing] what happens in the theater academy.” Her photos are then used for “advertising purposes…in magazines, on websites, social media and…billboards.”


Candace Bartoe, a sophomore, takes about 10 pictures per day. What inspires her to take pictures? Her mom. She’s “into photography…takes a lot of pictures, and she takes really good pictures.” When she does take pictures, “little details” catch her attention.


What do you think, do people take photography for granted? Why or why not?


Sources: MYLIO, Fact Legend, Fotographee, Pew


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