Wrestling Team goes to State

Keishonia Allen  February 14th, 2017

A typical practice for a wrestling team is running 3 miles at the beginning of practice. Next they stretch, do warm ups, slams and high intensity drills.  To stay healthy for competition, they drink protein shakes, snack bars and stay on a strict diet. They also eat things such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, crackers and drink a lot of water. Running at home is one of the requirements to stay in shape. In order to go to state they have to do a two on two  tournament, The most injuries some of the wrestlers have had were nosebleeds, injury to fingers or a head injury.

Despite all of these hardships, last weekend our Harris County Wrestling team competed in state competition. This is our first time in history going to state as a team. Cohen Perry explains to me that being the first team in the history of Harris County is a big accomplishment. The state competition was held in Macon, Ga. Cohen Perry placed 12th and Josiah Hehman placed 16th in state. We are very proud of our wrestling team. Go tigers!



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