4-H Day at the Capitol

February 10th 2017                                                                                                                        By Nicole Bowden

On February 8th, 2017, 4H extensions from around the state of Georgia travel to Atlanta from their counties. Each county typically brings two representatives but can bring more, which some do. The county normally brings two student that represent the county because it allows those representatives to make new friends and allow the county to be introduced to new people. The representatives for Harris County 4H were Audrey Wall and Nicole Bowden.

When each county got to the capitol, the country representatives and the advisors had to go to a desk on the third floor to sign in. There each representative got a page button with the specific number on it that would be used throughout the day. A page is sort of like a messenger, each page sat on wooden benches outside the room where the House of Representatives were discussing new legislations. Before the session began the pages were taken to a conference room on the 4th floor where the ten minute process of orientation began. The following

  1. Do not chew gum during the entire session
  2. Do not talk to the people who were waiting to convince the House Rep. to vote yes or no on a legislation
  3. Absolutely under no circumstance, walk in the middle aisle in front of the Speaker of the House
  4. Cell Phones are not allowed to be on the Page while the meeting is in Session.

We also learned that the session room was divided into four sections: A, B, C, D. Section A was on the far left and section D was one the far right.

After orientation, the pages were brought back to the session room where we all sat on wooden benches to wait until it was our turn to deliver a message. Pages would move closer to the message desk, where we would receive a message from a nervous individual waiting to see if the specific representative would come and talk to them. Once given the message we had to go into the room and find the given section, row and seat number where the representative was. The number looked like B-4-6. The B is the section, 4 is the row and 6 is the seat number. When we found the representative, we handed them the message and waited for them to relay a message back or wait for them to take us to the individual who was wanting to deliver the message. Once that message was passed on we moved to the back of the line and waited for our next go-round.

After the session was adjourned for the day, the pages went into the session room to meet with their assigned House Representatives. Audrey and I had Representative John David Pezold in which we got to talk and introduce ourselves and get a picture with him and the Speaker of the House.  From there we talked with our representative for a few more minutes before we said our goodbye’s and that was the end of the day.

This was a great opportunity and an event that will be great to put on college applications.  To get involved in 4-H you can contact any of the officers, the Hamilton 4-H advisor at ahcox@uga.edu or call (706) 628-4824, and even come to the Tiger club day when we meet in Miss Bones room. The club does a variety things throughout the month and offers good community service activities.



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