Trump Bans Abortion Funding

by Shaquavionna Tucker     February 13th, 2017

da6a4445b595d49d8c99d3a826eb7e35President Trump is trying to reinstate a rule first instituted by President Reagan which gave foreign non profits a surprising choice: stop providing abortions or stop providing any of the information about abortions . The rule stayed in action under president Bill Clinton in January 1993, Obama lifted the rule in 2001. The federal law will stop  U.S. funds from paying for abortions in other countries which receive U.S. aid.  Nancy Pelosi said this rule“ returns us to disgraceful era that dishonored the american  values of the speech and inflicted untold of suffering.” Proponents argue that funding foreign groups that promote or participate in abortion violates the principle that there should be a wall of separation between tax money and abortion,

The original version was specifically limited to family planning aid disbursed by U.S. AID, including 675 million specifically earmarked for reproductive health. It remains to be seen how much of this funding goes to groups that currently provide or promote abortion as defined by the policy. Anti abortion groups like Family Council say that they are willing to comply with the new law.  

Sources: www.nnr.org



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