Womb With a View – Teen Pregnancies

Perkins, Cheyanne   February 10, 2017

Are you pregnant? Are you planning or expecting? Do know someone who is or expecting or planning? Are you just not sure if you want children? If you have known someone previously,  like a parent, another student, sibling, another family member that has gotten pregnant in highschool. Maybe you’ve heard about how hard it is to deal with school and all the “luxuries” that come with being pregnant.Well, I’m here to tell you the pros and cons of having a child, and why you should not worry about having a child in high school.

According to teenoutreachaz.org,  “This is no easy task! Not only do you have to deal with the regular workload, but now you are dealing with going to school and morning sickness, fatigue, physical changes, hormonal changes and peeing ALL the time. Then, there is the social side of high school.” Being pregnant in high school can cause drama and hurt your social life.

I interviewed a friend about her pregnancy – she asked to remain anonymous.

How did your mother react?

“Calm at first, she told me I basically have three choices and we sat down and talked about them [which were} keeping it, put it up for adoption, or abortion.”

What is your decision about it? “keeping” Why did you chose to keep it?

“I’m not comfortable with someone else raising my child, and i don’t agree with abortion.” Anonymous said she feels it’s her responsibility. She did the wrong and now she has to deal with the consequences.

What do you think you will struggle with the most (social life, school life, baby itself, or financial)?

“School because it harder to concentrate when you’re worrying if your child is okay.” In other words not only in the “now” is school hard (between you constantly having to pee and being sleepy) but once the child is born you’ll be worried about them at home while you’re in school.

Last but not least what is your advice for someone else in a similar situation or wondering about your situations?

“Don’t give up on yourself. When i first found out i was ready to whatever everything, but realized i can’t take care of something else if i’m not taken care of. Not only will you be dealing with your education and everything with yourself you have a whole other new thing to worry about now.”

I also interviewed DJ Kelly, an 11th grader, to get a male perspective and Jlee Whearly, a 10th grade girl.


What do you think about teen pregnancies?

DJ: “It’s your life I guess what you do with it is your prerogative.” He said he can’t tell you what’s right and what’s wrong because people are going to do what they want in terms of being sexually active. He continued with “people are probably going to judge because you’re a quote on quote kid raising a kid, but depending on the situation you may be responsible enough to raise a child. I guess it just depends on your background and you view the entire situation.” Personally he sees it as, “You did it so you have to put up with the necessary consequences with quotes”.

JLee: “they should have the kid and be responsible for their decision of being sexually active.”

Then I asked them how they felt about abortion, adoption and their personal beliefs.

DJ: “I personally see it as you did it. It was your conscious decision.”

How do you think a parent should react, ideally, if they find out their child is pregnant?

DJ:  “I think a good mother would be supportive, of course they would be a little taken back. I think after awhile of getting over the shock they need to say, “Okay, it’s okay i still love you.”And they would take care of them and help them.”

Jlee: “I think that she would be disappointed, but she would be supportive.”

The most important question is, what do you think the teen mother will struggle with the most?

DJ: “I think it’s a combination or social life and school. You’re so used to going out with your friends on friday, but now that you have another reasonability and you kinda have to drop all your friends for this kid.” He talked about school work being hard because you’re constantly thinking ‘Okay I got to get this done so that I can take care of my kid’. “You are not necessarily putting your mind and full potential toward your school work.”

Jlee:“School, but mostly social because everyone will pick and make fun of you or it.”

My last question was to give some advice for people going through this situation. He struggled with the question at first because there is so much advice. He ended up answering with “Don’t give up. Find the worth in the situation.”  Jlee said, “stay confident, don’t give up. Stay in school. You have to remain positive and focused on what you already had planned for yourself as well as the responsibility of this child on the way.”
My reasoning for writing this article is to remind students not to judge a book by its’ cover – if you see a classmate who is pregnant stop and consider all the decisions they’ve had to make before you judge them. Consider how their friends, teachers or parents may have already reacted to and treated them before you pass judgement, and remember to be sensitive to the experiences of others. 


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