Euthanasia Found in US Dog Food

Natalie Kinstle, February 10th, 2017, Tiger Times News

A United States pet food company has stated that traces of pentobarbital, a sedative used primarily to euthanize animals, has been found in some of their products, which has led to a recall. Five of the company’s dog food products contained traces of the euthanasia. The company, “Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food”, sold these five products in sixteen states. Four dogs were affected by the company’s product,  three became ill, and one passed away.

dogNikki Mael, from Washington, fed her four dogs, Talula, Tito, Tinkerbell, and Tank, “Evanger’s Hunk of Beef with aus jus” on New Year’s Eve. “I fed them one can, and within fifteen minutes they were acting drunk, walking around … they were falling over”,  Mrs. Mael reports. Tito, Tinkerbell, and Tank were immediately rushed to the veterinarian’s office. The three dogs survived, however, Mrs. Mael’s other dog, Talula, passed away. To honor Talula, The Evanger’s pet food company has donated to an animal shelter. Evanger’s paid for all of Mrs. Mael’s medical bills resulting from the incident as well.

The drug was discovered examining Talula’s body. Not only is the drug, pentobarbital, used to euthanize animals, but is an element in the serum used to execute prisoners in fourteen states, as stated by The Death Penalty Information Center. According to  the Evanger’s company, “Hunk of Beef with aus jus” is the company’s most popular dog food product, and approximately 1 million cans are sold in the US each year. More than 100,000 cans have been sold since the illness was first reported. The company ended their relationship with their meat supplier. The source of contamination has not yet been discovered, however, the investigation will continue.
Sources: BBC, CNN, Washington Post


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