Update: Basketball Team Keeps Winning!

Shaquira Harvey


On Friday February 3 our basketball teams played against Veterans High School here at HCHS . During the second quarter our boys were leading with a score of 12 – 8. The boys worked hard all the way up till the fourth quarter when the score was tied 26 – 26. Our leading starting players for that night were working very hard to win the region game.  The final score was 61 to 56 with the boys winning the game.

img_5824Not only did the boys play on Friday  against Veterans High school but the girls did as well . They also had on new uniform that supported breast cancer with words like fight, believe ,and survive on the back of them. Just like the boys during the second quarter the girls were leading 19 to 18 – it was a real nail bitter!
But the girls shut all of our fears down as they  worked hard  all the way up till the end. They won with a great score of  42 to 29. They all work hard and were determined to win the game ,in the end both team brought  home a win.


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