Cheating is Not Right!

Cheating is wrong. Period. There is no excuse for cheating. So how come this issue is becoming more and more popular in today’s schools? How come cheating is not even considered wrong anymore by the students and even some parents? As a student I see cheating daily, and even I do bat an eye at it’s presence. It is sad how many students’ first option to finishing a project is cheating instead of just putting in the effort.

It really has become so simple to cheat that it is almost harder for a student not to cheat with the technology students now having access to such as smartphones, it has become so simple to snap a quick picture and send it to a friend for them to copy. It’s become so easy with the computer to just plagiarize and just copy and paste a whole project. However, this is still no excuse for students today.

Here is my main problem with cheating: it very wrong. Cheating is now just a everyday thing. It is many students’ first resort to many assignments. This is where it hurts us the most, since those same students that cheat and rely on others are our America’s future. These students will cheat their whole way through school, but as soon as they get to the real world and they are incapable of relying on others anymore they will not be able to. They are going to fail, and come time to do the job at hand, they will not be able to look down at the smartphone in their lapo and have the answers waiting on them.  

As students we need to realize that we are hurting no one but ourselves if we cheat. We do not learn anything and are just becoming so complacent with not giving our all. This needs to change, and the only way this is going to start is if us as students make it happen.  


Here are some suggestions to do when you see cheating!

  1. Start by telling the student that it’s not right.
  2. If that does not work, maybe get someone else to tell the person too.
  3. If that does not work, you are left with the only option of going to the teacher and  telling

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