Swim Team Competes at State

Lexi Register 2/8/2017

On Friday February 3, 2017, the swim team competed at state at the Georgia Tech Campus in Atlanta.
The guys competed in the 200 yard freestyle relay, while Hollie Porter competed in the 100 yard butterfly and 200 meters in one minute. I interviewed Jarred Johnson, Ross Mckibben, and Joseph Porter who competed at state, asking them:20170208_1503101

How do you think y’alls swim meet went on Friday?

Jarred Johnson said, “I think it went pretty good. We almost won our heat”, while Ross Mckibben said the 20170208_1507261opposite. He stated that, “It didn’t really go well and it could’ve gone better. However it was good to see that we didn’t come in last place and we got a better time than what we entered with.”


How did you become interested in swimming?

Jarred Johnson said, “I’ve been on the Hurricanes swim team for 10 years”, while Joseph Porter said, “My sister started when she was a freshmen so i started when i was in eighth grade.”



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