Are you new at school?

Being a new kid at school isn’t that fun. No matter that grade you are though,  juniors and seniors have a better chance of not being as scared because they are older. When I was a new kid I was scared but, my family always kept me pushing forward. Many kids that move to a new school are scared and nervous. Here are some tips and examples to expect on your first day at a new school.

  1. Be nice to everyone. Being the new kid in school is sort of like a free pass to learn about the people and activities that make the place special. Smile, Smiling is one of the quickest ways of making people like you. It makes you seem more friendly.
  2. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Sign up for as many clubs are you’re interested in, or ask the teachers if they is anything in the clubs that will recommend.
    3. Ask for help. People are aware of the fact that you’re new. And if they’re not, then this is the optimal time to introduce yourself and make new friends.It’s easy to feel shy when you’re surrounded by people you’ve never met. But that shouldn’t hold you back from being social at your new school.
    4. Be confident in yourself, and never be ashamed of where you’re from. I know this may seem, very obvious but it’s also one of the most important. Don’t lie where you from just tell the truth. The best part is if you don’t know something you can always use the excuse that you are new to the school, and you just did not know. Be social and be confident. Make eye contact with your peers and be polite. If you exude confidence people will feel more comfortable greeting you and making casual conversation.copy-of-img_4089

    “Moving from from a huge school in Atlanta to Harris County is a big change. Things are really different in Harris county. I have been coping with the changes day by day. Starting at a new school can be tough, but I have learned to just accept it. I don’t usually open up, but Harris County has made me feel like i belong.” -Natalie Kinstle, Sophomore

    5. Expect homesickness (often). It will be tempting to reminisce. There will be songs and phrases that reminds you of inside jokes and the happiest days of your life; you will feel like your heart has been shattered and then stomped all over by this new place that you are forced to call home, and it will be the loneliest (and probably most vengeful) feeling that you have ever experienced thus far.
    6. Stay in touch with old friends. Don’t burn any bridges, because you never know who you’re going to see again in the future. Being in contact with friends through email and social media will pull you through those really tough days when you feel like you have nobody else in the world. Staying in contact with old friends will help you out if you never have a bad day. They will be willing to listen to about it.7. Be optimistic and chase every opportunity. One day, you will sit alone on the bus and you will finally realize that you have moved halfway across the country with little chance of ever going back to wherever you moved from. Focus on maintaining a positive attitude. Don’t allow the little things to frustrate you. Your peers will pick up on your positive attitude and be more apt to start up a conversation.

8. Accept the injustices. As a newbie, life will be incredibly unfair. You don’t know anybody, so you have will have zero credibility or popularity with your peers. Depending on your situation, you might be stuck in a class that A) consists of students of a different grade than you, B) isn’t even a class that you wanted (i.e. study hall) or C) is a repeat of a class that you’ve already taken at your old school. 

-Alexis Welin,11th grade




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