Anxiety In HCHS

Feeling anxious about a class presentation is a normal feeling in most students. For others it’s worse; it’s an unwanted shadow that never leaves. There are four different types of anxiety disorders that most people with anxiety have. The most common one is generalized anxiety disorder. This affects a person by giving them large amounts of worry and tension, restlessness, tiredness, trouble falling/staying asleep, being “edgy”, and many more. The next one that’s known by many is social anxiety disorder which fills someone with dread and worry about social situations. Social anxiety makes the given person self-consciousness because they fill that everyone is judging or going to ridicule them. The third type is specific phobia anxiety. Everyone has something there are afraid of; spiders, heights, flying, closed spaces but this causes extreme level of fear which makes many avoid certain situations. The last type of anxiety disorder is panic disorder. With panic disorder, it causes sudden strikes of terror, or panic attacks, that makes the person feel like they are having a heart attack.

Most student at Harris County, have to deal with general anxiety order and social anxiety which affects their school life. These anxieties limit the student from making new friends, talking in class and even saying how well they do on assignments. A few students have said that it also affects how they do school work and how well they do on assignments. A student, who wishes to remain anonymous for this article, said that if their anxiety is bad in a certain week they can always tell because of the grades they earned that given week. The student also described the symptoms they suffer from. These symptoms range from dry mouth, to a racing heart, problems sleeping and their hands shaking in different amounts of intensities. A student also said that anxiety affects how they make friends. They said their anxiety limits them from talking to others in their class and sometimes even their friends.

Why anxiety affects others more than others is still unknown to doctors. What has been decided is that it is not because of flaws or personal weakness. It’s simply something that is a hassle to handle.

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