US Army Pursues “Biodegradable” Ammunition

By: Natalie Kinstle, HCHS Tiger Times News, February 3rd, 2017

The primary function of a bullet is to kill, however, this may change. The US army wants to replace existing rounds, such as grenade and tank rounds, with biodegradable ammunition. The Department of Defense states that elements of currently used training rounds take several years to biodegrade, and cause “lasting environmental damage”. The Department of Defense specifies that the new ammunition should contain seeds. When the bullets are used, the seeds will grow environmentally friendly plants.

An orange daisy displayed in a rusty riffle bullet symbolizing flower power

These plants will remove toxins within the soil, and will consume the biodegradable components. These seeds also serve as a food source for animals. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Military facilities make up 900 of the 1,300 most polluted locations in the US. The toxic wastes originate from events such as chemical leaks, burning explosives, and heavy metal deposits. There is hope that these biodegradable rounds will serve training purposes, while saving the environment from toxins and pollution.

Sources: CNN, Newsmax, & Eponline


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