DIY (Do It Yourself) Glow in the Dark Fairy Jar

The DIY glow in the dark fairy jar is a very inexpensive and entertaining project. These fairy jars are great for kids, teens and also adults to give out as gifts, or even to keep themselves. This DIY can be enjoyed even if you do not do a “perfect” job painting it. Just have fun and make it colorful. Be creative!


  • 1 glass jar with lid
  • Glow in the dark paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Scrap Paper 
  • Glitter- Optional
  • Glow Sticks- Optional
  • Liquid glue- Optional
  • Water- Optional


Step one: Place old papers and towels down to prevent the spill of paint, glitter glue, etc.

Step two: Start by painting dots inside your glass jar (If you choose to add water inside your jar, paint dots on the outside of jar). Use your paintbrush to make small and large dots for the jar.

Step three: Let your glass jar dry for at least one hour outside facing the sun. This will activate the glow effect for the paint.

Step four: This step is optional. After jar has dried, you can decorate the top of the lid by spreading glue on top of the lid then adding glitter. Let it dry.

Step five: This step is optional. You may fill your jar up with glitter and/or glow stick liquid with your choice of color.

Step six: Enjoy it! Give it to a friend or keep it yourself.2111061c12b2678485dee45a6b3e1ff5


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