Healthy Friendships

Sydney Jenkins 02/2/17

When it comes to friendships in high school they can be very stressful.. One of the reasons why relationships are so stressful is because people change as they get older, not necessarily because they are showing their true colors but because change is a part of life. The overall pro to both of those is that whether your current friendships is good or bad you will meet a lot of new friends when entering high school.

A hethalthy friendship is one of the best-friendships you would want to have in high school. In order to achieve this you and your friend have to be cooperative. Some of the key tips to keep your relationship healthy is to 1) be respectful, 2) listen, compromise, and be supportive and 3) be considerate, Also try not to let all the peer pressure way you down and get to you. Always remember to communicate and stand up for yourself even if they may not like or agree with what you have to say or what you believe. Never act on impulse and do something you’re going to regret just because a friend has upset you or done something you did not like. Talking things out is one of the best things you can do.



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