Free Our Internet Access!

Warren Gallatin 2/2/2017

We need free roaming internet at school right? The majority of our work at school now is on the internet right? Well, then how come 99% of the things we try to search online are blocked by administration? I for one am tired of trying to do something school related online and then getting the annoying screen saying “Sorry for the inconvenience but this webpage is blocked.” This is frustrating because the work that you are suppose to finish in school can not be finished, and it becomes homework and then on top of the real homework we have.

I understand that the first thing that comes to your mind when allowing free roaming internet access in a public high school is that it could cause problems. Administration tends to act like there is no free time while at school, when some schools offer a study hall or free period and there are just naturally times where there is no more work to be done for the day. Teens at school deserve these extra times for their use, and if that means being on the internet for their own purposes then so be it.your-internet-access-is-blocked-notification-image

There are so many solutions to internet use other than completely blocking it, and there are many different programs you can use to monitor it. At my old school everyone would download an  app on their smartphone or computer called Dyno. This allowed the teacher to see what everyone was doing on their phone while at school. This allowed the teacher to make sure that, during class time, everyone was on task and then during free time, the teacher would not even check it because why does it matter if they use the internet for their own use.

So what is the point of having internet if we are so restricted that we cannot access anything? There are too many positives to having access to the internet to not allow students their ability to use it. The internet in our public schools must be freed!


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