Girl Player On The Move


Shaquira HARVEY

The Harris County girl basketball team have done a tremendous job throughout the season. So far they have only lost two regions games and they both were against Warner Robins. That made them number two in the regions standing while what may seem as there biggest competitor ; Warner Robins as number one. Although this season may seem like a fantastic season for  the girls everything may not be as it seems.

20170201_1422501Although the girls seem like when they get on the court it may be a breeze  but it is really not because of scouts. We interviewed Jessica Carter number 24 on the girls basketball team about this situation. We asked her, “ How does it feel having scouts look at you during the game?” Her reply was a simple straight answer, “ Once it was overwhelming but now I am okay with it.” If you have been to the games through the season you would know that Jessica is a great player and make most of the points for that night.

On top of that she has had a lot of  scouts coming out to see her play in the game. She has been starting for varsity all of her high school life and at least makes 60 or more points in that one game for that night. Her junior year ,this year, so far she have scored 365 point but she can score more because the season is not over yet. Come out to more games and you will see her fantastic work.


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