Trump Builds The Wall

JANUARY,31 2017 BY Shaquavionna Tucker



President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to push toward one of his biggest campaign promises: to build the wall along the border with mexico.


Trump interviewed with ABC NEWS David Muir on January 25, and said that the wall construction would start in months. President Trump’s Secretary Sean Spicer said that the plans will begin to kick off immediately and Trump will work with the congressman to help with additional funding. Spicer said that the president plans to have Mexico pay for the wall saying. “It would happen one way or another.” Mexico president Pena Nieto said that, “While Mexico recognises the rights of every sovereign nation to guarantee its security  Mexico does not believe in walls”. Trump says “ I want to build a wall and no one build walls better than me believe me and I’ll build them inexpensively”. Trump also said June 16, 2015 when he launched his campaign for the White House that “I will build a great,  great wall on our southern border. And I will have Mexico pay for the wall.” Trump says that stronger border security,particularly a wall, will end illegal immigration and cut the flow of illicit drugs pouring into the United States.


For Trump to carry out his real estate promises he’ll need funding from the Congress and/or Mexico. Trump’s team has said that Congress could appropriate funds for the construction of the wall. Engineering and immigration experts have told Politifact the that government would need to acquire private land along the border. On Wednesday Trump said that “A nation without borders is not a nation.”
sources: The new york times & Political fact




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