The Life Of A… AP Student

 January 31, 2017  by Nicole Bowden  

     At Harris County High school there are a variety of different AP courses, or an advance placement classes, that can be chosen from. AP Language and British Language, AP US History and World History, AP Chemistry and Biology, and AP Calculus and AP Statistics. Each of these are rigorous and require more attention than Honors and Regular classes. Most of these are a year-long class that have a test towards the end of the year which assesses the student’s knowledge on the subject. While it varies from class to class, most state that if a grade of a 3 or above on the AP exam you do not have to take the first year college class.  

      After interviewing a few of these students who are taking AP Classes, these were their answers:

How much homework do you normally get?

img_2695Leah Sheppard, a Junior here who is currently taking AP Chem said…

             “ I usually get seven homework problems that have multiple steps.   Sometimes I get readings but those are implied. When we are doing a lab that week there are normally lab calculations, and normally 1 to 2 different review sheets”


How long do you normally spend on studying?

img_2694Olivia Edwards, another Junior here, who is taking three AP classes said…

             ‘“30 minutes per class when there are no tests but if there are tests or a particularly difficult assignment, then depending on the class then I bump it up to an hour.”’


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