How could Harris County make lunch better?


cafeteria_foodOur schools lunches are really disgusting. Many students do not even eat school lunches anymore but, why?  First, when we get chicken nuggets, or chicken tenders, we only get 4 piece  (unless you pay more for extra.) suggest the we get no more than six pieces when to match the price. This isn’t an option for the kids that have free lunch and is a burden for the kids who don’t have free lunch. To make the price better they need to lower the price. Fourth lunch need better food services because the tables don’t get very clean after third lunch. The pizza is undercooked because they are rushing to get food out. The salad bar, lettuce tastes likes it been sitting out for weeks.  The drinks should be the same price as milk. The “Smart mouth” pizza, they need to cook it less because it’s hard as a rock. I’m pretty sure you could play Frisbee with them. They need to have more per serving. They need to keep the food fresher for the last lunch period.

-Alexis Welin 11th grade


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